Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Solo Practice

After the morning session, I gave Mario a ride home to Leominster (his car was in the shop), figuring I'd work on the written or something at home.  But I called ATIS and was surprised that wind was 310 degrees at 8 knots, pretty nice.  So I headed over and took 661 up for an hour of maneuver practice out near the Quabbin.  This time I wrote down some headings, altitudes, and speeds to give me a plan once I got out there, and I mostly followed it, and did pretty well, even on the steep turns and semi-slow flight (I only took it to 50 knots).  I also played a little bit with controlling the plane with only trim and rudder (and throttle – I watched a Barry Schiff/AOPA video on this the other night).  This was followed by a good touch and go and a fairly hard full-stop landing.  This takes me up to 10 hours of solo time, which is the FAA required minimum, so that's one requirement completed, at least.

Time: 1.0 hours solo, C152 at ORH.

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