Monday, January 01, 2001

Big Gap in the Fossil Record!

By way of explanation for the big gap in retro-posting from September 2000 to May 2001: too busy with other stuff and lost interest in this project. Then I got an email from a Central Massachusetts guy who is thinking about flight lessons. He found this blog and asked me about flight instructors and stuff. I sent him an email and promptly got all nostalgic about flying. Since I'm in Brussels on business and not likely to resume flying any time soon, I dug out my flight notes and decided to skip a lot of steps and post my check ride story.

The picture here is from 1/29/01 when I took a solo flight from ORH over to Westborough to have a look at my office building area and snap a few quick pix. Flying sure is fun. So is music. So is studying Japanese. Why don't I do any of those things these days? I guess I'm doing this instead. And my regular blog, Music of the Spheres.

I should at least fill in a few gaps here, just in case someone else finds it. If you do: ignore this crap and KEEP FLYING.

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